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(adjective) a mixture of snarky and sarcastic, which leans even further into the sarcastic realm with a caustic undertone.
The snarkastic tone of his blog posts left people confused as to whether he was trying to be funny or was just excessively bitter.
by iamdonte October 17, 2005
Given to the use of satirical wit containing a little dash of pure evil.
No matter how hideous looking a child actually is, one must always avoid snarkastic remarks about the hideousness when around the child's parents.
by kirupa January 03, 2013
The act of being sarcastic while simultaneously being an asshole. (In other words, being Sardonic.)
"Dude! I made up a word, don't dis it!"
" well, I suppose that would be the pinnacle of your linguistic ability---- Oh look, I'm being Snarkastic..."
by The Satyr October 11, 2014
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