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(n.) A widely recognized medical condition whereby an individual undergoes periods of pronounced "snarkiness" without realizing he or she has uncorked a big ol' bottle of categorically snide comments and poured his or her friend (possibly even a passer-by) a full measure, brimming over.

The condition is best likened to experiencing a dense mental fog or black out which is often accompanied by a slight tingling sensation (said to come from the subconcious awareness of issuing one's peer a serious verbal beat-down).

Snarkalepsy was first diagnosed in 1858 when, without warning or malice aforethought, Abraham Lincoln called Stephen Douglass a "no good pirate hooker" in the midst of a debate.
Paul: "I was just diagnosed with a pretty bad case of snarkalepsy."

Oprah: "Paul, that's such sad news."

Paul: "Oh, you have opinions? Neat."

Oprah: "Well that was very rude."

Paul: "...I'm sorry, I snarked out for a minute, what happened?"
by Snarky the snark-dog March 09, 2010
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