Use of sarcasm or malice in speech. Commonly found in the LiveJournal community. also snarky, snarkiness.
Not to be snarky, but I don't see how what you're saying makes any sense.

"Oh, well, *that's* a good idea. How about we *all* follow *you* and jump off a cliff like lemmings?" she said snarkily.
by kathy September 30, 2003
Snark: (noun; can be used as adjective, snarky or verb, to snark/snarked )

1. Irritated verbal response to aggravating stimulus;

2. The experience of being in the mood to snark someone;

3. Having been subject to a snarking, or giving one oneself.
That LJ group sucks. All they ever do is snark at people for no reason.

Everyone\'s pissing me off today so I\'m in a realy snarky mood.

I can\'t believe that girl snarked me for supporting (insert political party)!
by RedCrow108 April 26, 2005
A snark is an alien creature in the popular game "Half Life". It attacks any life form on sight and is relentless. killing them with a weapon is the only way to stop them before they kill you. They can sometimes be used by an opponent in a deathmatch against you.
I'm being attacked by snarks! Too many to shoot, gotta run for a ladder to get away from them!!!
by Ric C May 23, 2005
Mysterious or unknown, possibly non-existent, bug in a process, system or software that manifests in an unclear or inconsistent manner; difficult to confirm or track down, like hunting a snipe.
Some bugs you can search for before ever releasing the program, and some you can catch during beta-testing, but a snark just has to be experienced by a user.
#bug #buggy #hinky #snarky #snipe
by lb2nz November 03, 2005
A small portion of anything. Less than a tad, but more than a scoche.
Can I get just a snark more soda in this glass, please? Toodles.
#smark #bit #iota #scoche #small amount #pinch
by Alex P. Smith November 02, 2007
To steal something with deft and subtlety, or to steal the last item of a group
I was going to eat my last SnackPack, but Kevin snarked it already, that bastard.


Check out this martini glass I snarked from the bar, I had to hide it under my shirt to get it out of there.
by Verno July 08, 2005
A very dangerous body movement preformed at 8:08 pm and/or 2:11 am
I don't think any of us will survive after Harold snark's at 2:11
#dangerous #night time #snark #body #funny #deadly
by Alexis aka creator of SNARK January 04, 2009
To grab, to snatch, to steal legally. See also "yoink" and "gank".
My brother snarked the last cookie!
#yoink #gank #steal #snatch #grab #take #leave #snarck
by CallistaZM December 19, 2006
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