Whilst sitting in a hot tub, the act of eating the bubbles produced by one's own, or someone else's fart as they reach the surface.
"I lit a huge bumble rumbler in the hot tub last night but Zean totally snarfed me before i could see what it smelled like"
by Bojiggle August 03, 2006
An action that involves pushing another person's nose upwards into a 'pig-style' nose with your index and middle fingers.
I snarfed Ben yesterday, he totally wasn't expecting it.

Get the snarfs in!
by Flisssssssss September 23, 2007
A homemade scarf, such that when children go to school they can tell their class what they are wearing is called a 'snarf' and the teacher will call their parents in for interviews to discuss speech therapy until the parents begin referring to homemade scarves as 'snarfs' also.
Check it out! My grandma knitted me a new snarf!
by Swarley January 30, 2007
Upon climax during the act of fellatio (blow job), ejaculate (jizzum) will exit via the nose of the fellator.
Similar to when an individual sprays milk from their nose, but this version of a snarf consists of nut bustings.
by Juanny Mendez July 30, 2006
The sound a chihuahua makes when it's reverse sneezing. It sounds like it's trying to hawk a loogie.
My dog's snarfing kept me up all night last night.
by Jaimee May 25, 2005
To put one's mouth over the nose and mouth of another and blow air in, clearing all air passages
Adam leaned over and snarfed Pam popping her ears
by EBS February 08, 2006
The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals.

In laymans terms the Snatch, Cunt, Pussy.

I heard it used in this term in the village of Homer Green many many years ago from an older boy called Jason. He was telling the younger boys how he had gotten some action and remarked on the 'sent of her Snarf!'
"Did any of you lads catch a look at her 'Snarf', she didnt have any knickers on!"

While thumbing through a porno in BP Service station "look at the Snarf on her!"
by Anthony Von Digital July 05, 2006
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