Snails that mock you by destroying your yard - no matter what you do to kill or contain them. Snail+yard
Dang Snards!Nothing I do can control them.
by SimplyFigs August 08, 2011
When you wipe a booger on someone.
I snarded the steering wheel of your Mom's Benz.
by DW Dawg April 10, 2009
that snow booger of snow that accumulates in the wheel well of your car in the winter.
"Hey Joe, could you kick that snard off my tire?"
by CraigH November 27, 2005
Slang for the hole at the tip of the penis.
When guys pee, it comes out of the snard.
by dogsmuts April 14, 2008
An eccentric person of the upper class, or a person who dresses and speeks as if he is an English college professor
i.e. in "full tweeds"
Ralph, who never appears in public in anything except Harris tweed, is a perfect snard.
by Steve Golden July 07, 2006

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