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(n) Snapball is a ball game played with an imaginary ball, or "snapball." The ball is treated as a normal ball, except you cannot really see or touch it, so instead you must pretend you have it. When you throw the ball, you snap. When somebody catches the ball, they snap. This lets the players visualize a ball. Also, you use normal throwing motions and can even mix it up by throwing it in an arch or bouncing it off the floor or between your legs. The limit of snapball is your own imagination.
Brendan: Hey Brian, you wanna play snapball?
Brian: Sure.
Brendan: Okay, *snap* (throws ball)
Brian: *snap* (catches ball) *snap* *snap* *snap* (juggles ball) *snap* (throws ball to Brendan)
by BBnL December 13, 2009

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