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Derived from the verb “snap” where someone vaguely (and rudely) snaps their fingers at you demanding something now, but you are not sure what until you ask.

Also derived from the noun “jackass”, as in someone who is completely unaware how stupid they are.

Thus, “snapass” some who is rudely demanding something NOW, but you have no idea what and neither does the snapass.
get an email with the subject line: “helpdesk – fix logo – how long?”

Body of email: “blank

I reply: “What logo are you referring to? Your webpage? Your email?”

Snapass response: “how long to fix logo?”
by phudz December 17, 2010
snapass: one who is an asshole and or annoying snapchatter
Carmelo you fucking snapass
by Johnnyg August 19, 2014

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