A measurement system to communicate how "effed up" you are-used for marijuana exclusively. Comparable to asking "Hey, how drunk are you on a scale of 1-10?".

"Hey, how many snaps are you?" or "Can I get some snaps?"

Possible Answers:

Level 1: one snap on one hand = alright, I'm high. I'm no longer sober.

Level 2: snap both hands once = okay, I'm pretty high.

Level 3: snap both hands twice/2 snaps = man, I'm really fucking high right now.

Level 4: snap both hands three times/3 snaps = use sparingly. this is one of the rare "highest you've ever been" situations.

anything higher than that, and you call "snap inflation"

*note* it's not just how many snaps, but the WAY you snap that helps communicate how you're feeling to the rest of the circle. The system is meant to be a quick, easy, entertaining means of seeing where your fellow tokers are at any given point in the session.
"dude, how many snaps are you?"

"...snap and half man."
by tyedyesky August 14, 2009
To get angry immediatly becaouse of something that would cheese you off.
Dude1:Yo a ball just hit Mike in the head!
Dude2:Oh shoot I think he's gonna snap!
by Posi July 18, 2006
Another way to describe a crackhead
"She got that from the snap on the ave."
by *Dom* February 18, 2006
Someone whom cant get off drugs or is addicted to drugs or has nothing to do but drugs or someone who does anything to get high
Yo dat dude is a straight snap.
You see this particular man (hereignafter called dude) is a drug addict. He gave me his television radio and his pair of his Timberland boots for a stamper.
by Jweazy September 30, 2005
anotha word for "damn" or "oh shit"
"OH SNAP look at dat gurl beatin da hell outa dat bitch"
by datshawti4rmtx March 29, 2005
very cool, great idea, cool comment. You would snap your fingers and say "snap".
"snap, that was so funny"
Heather: "did you see that snowboarder just wipe out and take out the fat guy?"
Kristi: "snap, seriously funny"
by Heather February 26, 2005
quid, pound, the English currency in Irvine Welsh's novel 'Porno'
all for the previlege of taking 20 quid out off your pocket for 5 or 6 poxy miles. Even this Arab or Turk tosser's on about 15 snaps
by raindog February 08, 2005

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