Sensitive New Age Pilot. Air Force pilots that never flew the T-38 Talon, AKA the "white rocket". They tend to have thier hair "done" by stylists instead of barbers and use loofahs. They have never broken the sound barrier or a hymen. They prefer spooning instead of forking.
"Hey Toodles let's go slam some beers and eat some wings."

"No, I can't. I have to get my back waxed."

"WTF are you some kind of F'ing SNAP?"
by Ripper135c9 June 21, 2009
a word that is used to denote use or consumption of something...for example, if you were to ask for a few puffs of anothers cigarette, you could say "can I get a couple snaps on that smoke?"
"could i get a few snaps on that computer?"

"i need a few snaps of your pen.."
by shifty mcgee December 17, 2007
An activity with the allure of a refreshing, short period of sleep, but the intent being purely sex.
Coming back from the bike race, spent, all he wanted was a snap and cold beer.
by emcall April 26, 2007
when something goes really wrong
ohh snap! lets run like a bunch of felons.
by thomas February 18, 2005
The act of getting angry.
I'm gonna snap if you don't cut that crap out
by Anne Miller July 21, 2004
Something that is easy to do.
That final exam was a snap.
by Frank Footer March 15, 2004
The physical act of having a crap. Using your sphincter to cut the cable as it protrudes from your arse, or just letting it break off under it's own weight.
Christ, I need to go snap one before I shit myself.
by Cwips February 08, 2004

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