Describes a situation where trouble is impossible to avoid. Snakes are bad news, but you can't get away from them when you are on a plane.

"Did that chick just get out of a mental instituion? Dating her is just snakes on a plane, man."
by dnatoday July 17, 2006
The only movie Chuck Norris admits is better than he. He still enjoys roundhouse kicking snakes as a hobby.
Chuck Norris admitted today that Snakes on a Plane was the only movie he would ever watch on a plane. Unfortunately Chuck Norris doesn't need planes because he can fly.
by StyLz96 August 18, 2006
A metaphor which indicates a ridiculously, absurdly unpleasant situation caused by someone else. Can be used to indicate varying stages of dismay, or to express the desire to resolve the situation causing the dismay.
"Snakes on a Plane: Relationships"
A - How's it going?
B - Crappy. My boyfriend is all getting his snakes up in my plane.
A - You need to tell him to get the m.f. snakes off your m.f. plane!
B - Yeah, I can't believe the stinking, burning pile of snake carcasses I'm having to wade through here.

or "Snakes on a Plane: Roommates"

A- Is Jay still scrapping with his roommate?
B - Jay's got snakes all over his m.f. plane. They're dropping out of overhead compartments right now. He's all like, "Man. Snakes. Why you gotta put your snakes all over the plane, man? We have to live in here."
by Eileen W. and Kimberly B. June 11, 2006
The BEST fucking movie EVER.
It's called Snakes On A Plane because Samuel L. Jackson said so.
by The Elightened Youth July 26, 2006
Used to express extreme dissatisfaction with a given situation.

Approximate meaning: "What the fu*k?"
God almighty, snakes on a plane, what do you mean we're out of beer?
by SOAP troll April 21, 2006
Used as a trump card in an argument. The only phrase that can automatically win an argument after this is used is "snakes on a mothafuckin' plane."
Person 1: Pirates are way cooler than ninjas.
Person 2: No way! Ninjas are teh 1337.
Person 2: Rabblerabblerabblerabblerabble!
Person 1: Snakes on a plane!
Person 2: -looks downtrodden- Snakes on a mothafuckin' plane!
by Matt Hovern November 11, 2006
Usage 1: when used as "Snake on a Plane" can be similar in use as
"bull in a china shop" in the meaning of "one who can do great harm"

Usage 2: when used as "Snakes on a Plane" can be similar in use as "a group of bulimics in a room full of bathrooms" in the meaning of "a group of people joined together for one great cause"
"he was like a snake on a plane, feathers were everywhere. I don't know how Janice got out alive"

"dude did you go to the Greenpeace rally? it was totally snakes on a plane...i mean when that guy lit that lady on fire...SWEET!"
by Crapflinger January 02, 2006

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