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A logistical nightmare or hopeless entanglement of many separate things/people. Picture a writhing mass of snakes all trying to mate with each other.

Also commonly known as a clusterfuck or The Willage.
The security line is a snakefuck now that the TSA has introduced the full-body scanner.
by The Willage Idiot December 02, 2010
Slimy filthy piece of shit person that makes your skin crawl. A person that seems trustworthy but will stab you in the back at any given opportunity.
You better watch out for that guy. He's a snake fuck.
by GMMI October 13, 2008
To use a snake for a condom. Because latex is for pussies.
That's right, Snake Fuck me baby. I wanna feel your scales
by McBitchslap February 03, 2011