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A medically-recognized condition where in your penis turns into a poisonous serpent.
Tycho: "I take eleven pills a day just so I DON'T see monsters."

Gabe: "That's a lot. You get any side-effects?"

Tycho: "Yeah. Snakedick."

Gabe: "Is that really bad, or really awesome?"

Tycho: "It depends on what you want to do with your dick."
by Red-Rum-18 October 15, 2010
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When the penis sheds all of its skin, like a snake.
You better stop going to glory holes. They'll give you snakedick.
by Conany October 15, 2010
A highly skilled operator. Able to hide in plain sight and kill at will.
James Bond is a snakedick.
by snakedicksurprise November 03, 2010

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