Easily the greatest strategy in Dodge-Ball. It consist of approaching the separation line between the two dodge-ball teams and frolicking like a fairy (Jerking would suffice). As soon as the other team charges you armed with a dodge-ball, retreat and wait for them to cock (haha) back their arm and throw. When the ball is thrown, fall back, and push off the ground propelling yourself backwards. Thus, Snake in the Grass.
Rat-a-Tat: Folks, now where gonna be playing Dodge today.

Uh-Dom: A dotn no howw to spek anglish.

Dylan: Im black!

John: Fuck Yeah our Teams got SNAKE IN THE GRASS Offense!

Jackson: come on big gay juice!
by RATCLIFF! December 15, 2010
a very shaddy person with multiple levels of snake's depending on how many times they've been doing shaddy things and defferent levels of grass depending on how mischievous the most mischievous shaddy was

slithery slithery snake - will do a shadyy thing almost every day
slithery snake - with occasionally preform shaddy acts
snake - once or twice did something shaddy

tall ass grass - did the most mischievous thing ever

tall grass - did something more shaddy than most
grass - did something that on average snake in the grasses will do
Bobby - "Did u hear, Jake kidnap Ron and take him 3 hours away to the ocean without telling anyone"

Steve - "yeah Jake was a slithery snake in the grass but im pretty sure now he got upgraded to slithery slithery snake in tall ass grass"

Bobby - "thats what the hell I thought...thank you grandma"
by tommyboy533 December 28, 2010
A term for an undercover cop.
We got us a snake in the grass.
by Deep blue 2012 February 06, 2010
When you tittie fuck a hairy, fat man.
Yeah, I went on a date with Gary last night and we so did snake in the grass.
by GayCarcinoma March 05, 2009
When a construction worker is slaking off and going un-noticed.
What was that...It's A.....Snake in the grass
by Eric Sawchuk September 12, 2007
So...some bitch is sleeping right? you sneak up and slap ur huge cock acrossed her face. And whisper "snake in the grass"
Last night my mom was sleeping i walked in and whispered "snake in the grass" as slaped my dick acrossed her face
by Dingle D June 26, 2009
usually in a dark room a guy tucks his erect penis between his legs and then slaps his confused mates face with it as they are approaching that area to provide oral satisfaction.
Dan left a red mark on Sarah's face after he played "snake in the grass" on her
by MelissaMaybe November 24, 2005

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