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(n) A man or woman who has substantial experience in working another person's penis
I've been licking dicks for over a decade now, I'm a snake charmer.
by J-Ru September 15, 2003
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One who can seduce even a highly resistant member of the opposite sex.
John is such a snake charmer that he had eternal-virgin Jane's pants off in seconds.
by Anonymous March 26, 2005
The act of rocking back and fourth on the toilet in order to coax a painful stubborn poop out of your butt. You may also wrap a towel around your head and mime a flute in order to get the poop cobra to come out.
Man, after sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes I had to perform a Snake Charmer to get that poop out of there.
by wolfgangkurt February 28, 2011
A girl who only tries to seduce men of Indian decent.
Remus: Yo that girl has huge tits man. I'm gonna show her this white dick.

Clint: Yeah but don't waste your time...she's a snake charmer.
by PrestonBangTeam June 03, 2013
Playing music until a penis is erect
I was a snake charmer with my man when we were hooking up
by Tkmgk September 06, 2014
A person who sells something that is worth nothing.
"Those snakecharmers were charming the shit out of us back there, thank God we got out of there uncharmed"
by snakecharm October 04, 2009
A Snake charmer girl who gets your dick hard by play music and giving you a blowjob.
guy1 "dude it was awesome she turned up the radio and madeout with my floppy dick until it got hard as rock and cummed in her face"

guy2 "cool man"

guy1 "She was a real Snake charmer."

A Snake charmer is cool.
by DPdaix November 06, 2006

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