Some one who doesnt care for anyone elses well being..
That dude is a fucking SNAKE
by C-Funk March 10, 2005
verb: to snitch or tell on someone.
Man, you totally snaked on me to the landlady.
by Lan-J December 31, 2008
someone who gets lots of kills playing fps games. they also use photoshop fairly well, and routinely send friends internest links that are funny (to snake or the person they send it to). they also have to speek with a distinct lingo and invent new words like lol!!one! jlol ... you get the point.

you cant call someone snake unless you have been called snake yourself.

snake can also be used in place of the word "owned"
"hey snake!"
"hi mom"
"yo snake, is your internet broken?"
"it was, but joe fixed it"
"i just snaked three allies with the mg"
"theres a snake in the grass"
by olymp14k05 April 30, 2007
Someone who acts in a selfish manner and uses other people for personal gain. A snake will often lie and backstab those closest to them to advantage themselves. When a snake opens their mouth, what comes out is often well calculated and mostly unreliable, with the aim of making themselves look better to others. Because of this, what a snake says to one person will often be inconsistent with what they have said to another.
"I can't believe that snake invited us round then left us all in Nottingham by ourselves at 2am"

"That Nick is such a snake, when he opens his mouth you can always expect some snakery"

"That snake has fooled us all in to going out early, just so he can see that girl. We've been truly snaked here"

by Christopher Griffiths February 16, 2008
1) Large reptile that can either poison or eat things

2) To sneak, steal or be lucky

3) Short for Snake Plissken of Escape from New York

4) Short for Solid Snake of the Metal Gear series
1) AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH!!! I've just been poisoned by a snake.

2) You're some snakey cunt, boy.

3) Call me Snake

4) Meryl.....
by Snake July 12, 2004
(v) To steal something from someone behind their back.
Kyle snaked his friends rolex watch when he was tying his shoe.
by Masta March 22, 2003
To take a loop from another caddie who is unsuspecting of this loop when it is called down.
Damn, you snaked the fuck out of that, dude. All I did was go get the newspaper, and you snaked it right from me!
by Dan Gaz June 18, 2004

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