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when your fraternity brother fucks your girlfriend, while your abroad overseas and claims it was a one-time mistake, but somehow finds his dick in her a second and third time.
He is a snake for doing that!
by Snake bastard December 09, 2006
the best bunker to be in for paintball
it has a long and short bunker with a tombstone shaped bunker at the end of it
get about three of these lined up and you have a snake

_ _ _
______{_} ______{_} ______{_}
alex fraige can really dominate the other players when hes shooting from the snake
by artre June 23, 2006
Typical of University of Georgia girls who like to snake out of commitments for the school!
That UGA girl is a snake!
by Piranha November 08, 2004
To kill or assassinate by means of slitting another living beings throat or snapping their neck;referring to the close quarters combat used by Snake in the Metal Gear series.
Dude I just want to snake him so badly; there would be blood everywhere.
by Oreosquare December 17, 2008
snake {n}: Some dirty slithering motherfucker with a gourde shaped chud
The scourge of Halifax is the snake.
by FDawg November 16, 2007
somebody that steals from you.
joe snaked jason for his watch.
by infamous riot October 19, 2007
a person who is a snitch
dont tell him where you live hes a snake
by MontelVontaviousPorter June 19, 2007