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Snail tracks refers to the natural lubrication of the vagina when a woman is excited. A snail leaves a slime track, and this is attributed to a woman who is horny and sitting down.
Damn Girl, you gonna leave snail tracks!
by Bizob February 09, 2003
Smearing vagina juice on the face of someone. The female version of tea bag, except more wet and insulting.
Jenna just snail tracked Jim in the face while he was sleeping. She also had a yeast infection! Damn, Jim just got owned.
by Ragnarokx September 11, 2008
When performing a lap dance, strippers will rubb there clitoris on the customer's pants. During this process the stripper will become aroused and her natural sex lubricants will seep out of her vagina onto the recipiant of the lap dance.

After a couple of minutes the natural vaginal lubricant that seeped out onto the customers pants will dry and get crusty thus leaving a "snail track" down the patron's pants.
DoocheBag 1: Where is the nearest dry cleaners?
DoocheBag 2: What for?
DoocheBag 1: I got a lap dance last night and that horny skank left snail tracks on my best pants.
DoocheBag 2: sweet! huh huh, huh huh
by JayC2008 July 27, 2008
When a man has semen traces in his underwear.
Simon: why the fuck do you have your hand down your pants?
Esben: I saw a magnificent porn movie just before you came over, I didn't get to whipe my dick that well, so now my underpants are loaded with snail tracks!

.:Bjerre word:.
by SmnBjerre December 01, 2009
when a female have a very wet pussy and drags her vagine down your tie and leaves her juices down your tie.
you should have seen how wet my girlfriens was after we had sex last night. she dragged her pussy down my tie and left some snail tracks.
by penelopy November 16, 2007
After a man blows a fat load up in a woman's vagina, if it drips out and she smears her puss, over the sheets it is said that she has made snail tracks.
"She can leave snail tracks as long as she washes the sheets and I don't have to sleep on the wet spot."
by An Informed User April 17, 2008
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