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Snagglefuck: A word used to describe sex gone terribly wrong. Snagglefuck can be used to describe instances where sex has embarrassed the participants, or hurt them in some way. It can also be used to describe intended sex that never happened, and lastly can describe painful sex or sexual irritation.
"That was the worst snagglefuck I ever had, there we were, behind the bleachers, I had Susie's dress up around her neck and I was hammering her puss for all I was was I to know they had a camera back there? How was I to know it was connected to the main display units, and audio too....all the crowd saw was my butt pumping away with Susie's legs over my shoulders crying "fuck me you wimp, fuck me like a man!"
by vinter May 16, 2008
Snaggle-Fucked (snag-ool-fucked) Complete and utter confusion.
EX: "Oh wow, that bitch through my mind through a loop, I'm just snaggle-fucked right now...""
by snaggly January 16, 2012

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