In-the-closet pink lion
Hanna Barbera character, originally named "Snaggletooth"
"Heavens to Murgatriod!"
"Exit stage left, evunnnn!"
by Spooners McGoo April 25, 2004
Top Definition
a particularly nasty, smelly, roast-beefy cooter
Once I removed her panties and saw her ripped up raggedy old snaggle puss, I began to wonder just how slutty this 17 year old was.
by Nailsator October 22, 2003
The snagglepuss is where a large group of people are sitting in a rather small enclosed space or room. Suddenly someone farts very quietly. Within a few seconds one of the people in the room bolts up from his chair, stands perfectly erect, and screams, 'HEAVENS TO MERGATROID!! WHO SHIT????!!! EXIT, STAGE LEFT!!! Before running out of the room the person's feet spin wildly to the sound of 'bongo's'...
Man, I was at a party last night and I'm pretty sure that Melissa farted. Tommy really did a wild 'snagglepuss' when the smell hit him!!
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
When a girl has the hood of her vagina peirced and it gets caught on her panties.
Noelle was complaining that her peircing was snagging her panties, she's a total snagglepuss.
by squal_al March 05, 2008
-meaning a completely defunct, nasty, yeast-infection-having, ghonasyphiherpilaids having, pusing, stinking, sweaty, hairy girl who smells of cat piss and B.O. and has no friends.
God damn, Snagglepuss smells of tuna and rotten armpit. I bet her curtled cooter is oozing all over the place.
by Heather The Great April 02, 2005
When a penis with a prince albert piercing, gets stuck in a vagina
I had a serious case of "Snaggle Puss", had to go to the emergency room to get out of my girl.
by NH [tos]sers February 11, 2011
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