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combination of the words "snack" and "activity." Snacktivity is the action of snacking as an activity. It can involve any foods which one considers a snack. Also, it can be a combination of snacks that can perhaps form a well balanced lunch, or brunch.
"Don't forget to bring some baby carrots for snacktivity!" or "yes its time for snacktivity!"
by Shawnzie April 15, 2005
Snacktivity (noun) plural -ies.

1. Eating something while playing with it.

2 Playing with something while eating it.
"My kid adores Play Doh-- it's his favorite snacktivity!"

He looked up at her from between her legs, and said, "Mmmmmm, snacktivity."
by iamtwee October 25, 2013
A gathering of people centered on a fun-to-eat food, such as lobster, fondue, and, to a lesser extent, oreo cookies and string cheese, where the time, physical rigors, and mental exertion required to actually eat the food negates much of the caloric load.
Lobster is my favorite snacktivity.
by Skunk-Evil February 03, 2010

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