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Various and sundry snack foods (pretzels, chips, cheese, etc.) consumed while sitting around watching television.
Hey Lois, I'm too lazy to get off my duff and Seinfeld is on. Can you bring me some pretzels and some other snackage on your way back from the kitchen?
by Bill Steineke August 06, 2003
that stuff hanging in the pantry.
chips candy etc. whatevers around.
ana: do we have any snackage? totally have the munchies

yvette: yeah pops just got some pringles at the store yesterday.
by freshfrett January 15, 2009
Snack + packages. Tasty and individually packaged food items, perfect for a quick lunch or road trip.
Hey man, grab me some snackages while you're paying for the gas!
by JPoe September 02, 2006
the term refering to the description of a snack or getting a snack

some idiots call it lunchage which is completly wrong
lets go get some snackage

girl: hey lets go get ure lunchage
dude: no snackage never lunchage
by Bigboff June 20, 2009
small food items supplied to astronauts as snacks
"Houston, we're looking out at all Creation and enjoying snackage, over"
by SnowDog February 23, 2004
Code-word for porn, or any video or other form of entertainment that can be masturbated to.

>Founded by: Xcooler23 & Auron<
dude! that snackage was the shit
by xcooler23 August 21, 2005
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