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A word pertaining to a promiscuous woman who engages often in unprotected sex, thus being cream filled.
Man that girl right there she's a snack cake, she gets injected on the daily!
by The Region Library Scholars September 28, 2013
Very loud booties shaped like squares, wrapped in cellophane with or without cream filling.
I be clubbin with these hoes with the finest snack cakes.
by dj jizzy george January 24, 2009
Lindsay Howes nickname
Dammn snackcake what u got cookin
by Linzi December 13, 2004
diminutive or slang for head, nearly only when in the context of making physical contact or striking someone's head.
My time in the ring is history...took too many hits to the snackcake.
by Sanotaan February 21, 2005
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