Exclamation of panic by New Englanders when even an inch of snow is forecasted.

Combination of "snow" and "omg".
Weather Channel: "We may see some flurries later this evening"

by RIAintNoPlace February 11, 2010
Top Definition
Refers to when snow occurs in unexpected places at unexpected times.

Pronounced :Snow my god!
snOMG it's still coming down in Atlanta!
by Polexia80 March 01, 2009
An ejaculatory statement about the ridiculous amount of snow that is outside or has fallen in a season; a spinoff of OMG.
You: 40 inches in one month? Aren't we in Virginia?

Me: snOMG! 40?

You: Did you really just say snOMG?

Me: That's like the height of a velociraptor!
You: ... (back away)
by effingsnow February 09, 2010
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