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The combination of the words snow and n00b. It can be used to insult someone who does not know how to drive or deal with snow. It can also be used as an insult that has nothing to do with snow.
Person #1: Did you just see that car spin out after only one inch of snow?
Person #2: Yeah. What a sn00b.
by Naaby Light February 06, 2011
A combination of the words snob and n00b. this word is an extreme insult that is best used when someone thinks they are the absolute best in the world at something, and won't live down their ego, and yet just about anyone can school them in what it is they claim to be the best at!
Person 1: Hahahahahaha, I am so going to kick your decks but (Trading Card Game related)

Person 1 (after loosing the game): NOOOOOOOOOO!!! How could YOU Win? I am the best player in the world, no-one can beat me! I always win!

Person 2 (after winning the game): Wow your such a sn00b!
by Dalkon Cledwin December 15, 2005

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