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Short for "Show me your boobs". Sometimes seen on political forums, in feminism related threads.
Irate Feminazi poster: Women deserve equal pay for equal work!!

Response from male poster: smyb!

by Morri December 11, 2006
Internet forum shorthand for "Show Me You Boobs". A fairly common response utilized in order to keep the discussion light. Particularly prevelant among the regulars of the MySpace News & Politics forums.
The Baroness and Crow were discussing whether or no it was a misconception that women are dependant on men. T replied with "SMYB!"
by DarkKnight1047 December 13, 2006
Suck my Balls
Craig, you lost-S my B's!
by Columbia Kid December 24, 2009
A way to say "Show me your boobs". The "S" at the end just makes the word BOOB plural.
Person 1: Hey, I love boys.
Person 2: SMYBS!
by Tedra December 21, 2006
Shortened version of "Suck my balls".
You dirty hoe, s my b.
by Taylor and Susanna June 22, 2006

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