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As related to a chick with an attitude problem. She's hot and she knows it, therefore, she feels it entitles her to act like an asshole.
Leeroy: Dude, did you see that chick. I bought her a drink; she took it, didn't say thanks, looked at me like I owed it to her, and bounced.

Billy: I know, what a smutbox.
#cunt #bitch #booze chasin' broad #tampon socket #whore
by Zeb V. December 07, 2006
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n: A promiscuous woman or a woman with few sexual inhibitions
My missus can't get enough of it up her shitter, and she's not happy unless I unload all over her face and then slap her tits as she rubs it in. She's such a fucking smut box
#slut #slag #whore #loose #come whore #cum slut
by Bert Mandrake January 07, 2011
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