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smurt the inability to smell;
a whore
At birth he was smurt
by smurt April 19, 2006
16 13
Acr. Super Mega Ultra Respiratoty Therapist. One that sets the bar at such a high level only very few in the field could even be considered to achieve a high status
Damn Mike is a one bad ass SMURT. I wish I was like him
by SMURT #1 April 21, 2008
12 12
(Verb) A smile that is forced and false.

To cover complete hatred towards an individual with an obviously fake smile.

Usually accompanied by an immediate scowl.

i.e. smurting, smurted, smurtist
I made a bad joke on Kathy's expense. She turned to me with a smurt on her face.
by Friday January 18, 2005
5 10
To slap your partner around the face with your dangly bits whilst receiving fellatio.
I couldn't get wood so Kaycee let me smurt her until I was hard.
by murty murt August 23, 2006
10 19