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A frozen desert or snack consisting of a mix of banana and peanut butter, sandwiched between two graham crackers.
Let's make smudgies for the picnic.
by hankgtp July 09, 2009
A smudgie is when you freeze a length of your shit, and use it as a dildo on a girl.
Wouldn't it melt I hear you say? That's the smudgie part.
I've got some smudgie crust left on flaps this morning.
by Gazza May 08, 2006
Schoolboy slang (especially boarding schools in Australia): The act of wiping one's spread bare arse and "brown eye" on someone or something, thereby leaving a smudge.
In that last rumble, not only did I get dacked, but Hargraves also smudgied my nose.
by mcat_z October 04, 2009
The act of putting your foot against the fence and raking downward over a hole that a dog has it's nose in.
What you can do to quiet your neighbor's annoying,barking dog.
by donttreadonme October 30, 2004