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Swag Me The Fuck Out
SMTFO before you get punched in your fuckin' mouth
by Buff Anthony April 28, 2011
25 7
SMTFO the acronyms for "Swagg me the fuck out"
that simply means:

1. doing something that encompasses ones swagg on incomprehensible levels.

2. Doing something so epic, that the only version of "Wow" good enough to measure this great occurrence is saying Swagg me the fuck out.

Also allowed to be used in a sarcastic manner
Whoa!! dude, did you see that guy single handedly beat up Chuck Norris?!?! SMTFO!!!
by swaggington54 May 14, 2011
6 4
Swag Me The Fuck Out
Guy watching a Tyler video on Youtube: SMTFO, FAGGOT.
by Nuttedbitch. May 01, 2011
4 5