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The act of an obese person rolling over on their slimmer mate, usually resulting in death.

A combination of sufficating & smothering someone to death
I was watching CSI the other night, and this fat woman smothercated her boyfriend, or whateva
by OSA March 03, 2005
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Smothercate is the hypoxic condition resulting from the lack of oxygen through mechanical, compressive or chemical interference with resperation. Smothercate is the consolidation of many words with the same meaning; successfully replacing smother, suffocate or asphyxiate and their variations.
Cyndi thought she would smothercate from all the smoke.
by Big Wave May 15, 2007
Smothercate! Its a thing, somewhere between smothering someone and suffocating them with love & hugs.
I love it when you smothercate me, so warm and snuggly.
by Jakles February 27, 2012

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