Driving while under the influence of extacy/E/MDMA, typically used in the sacramento area and/or NorCal
"dude, i was smoshing around town last night, going about 90 through stop signs"
by SamSmackbot October 22, 2008
Top Definition
When you act like Anthony and/or Ian from Smosh, the most popular people on Youtube (maybe the internet).
Dude, John, haha, you're smoshing again
by Kevinthetrooper June 21, 2008
When you're in the mood to watch Smosh on YouTube all day and all night.
Avery: Hey, wanna hang out today?
Nicole: Cant, too busy smoshing.
by ilovedrpeppermmm July 04, 2011
The art of slow-motion moshing.

A mix between moshing and slow.
smosh mosh slow
We were smoshing to the slower song at the rock concert.
by WooLyR October 20, 2008
The art of balancing a pokeball (TM) on your head and taking a photograph from 5 feet (exactly) away with the torso of the subject (person whose picture will be taken) in the center of the photo shot. The term smoshing was coined after the hit comedy duo known as smosh (TM?) who had a passion for the Japanese cartoon known as pokemon.
I posted over 9000 photos of me smoshing on myspa- err... facebook.com.
by Shmick Shmoberts October 07, 2011
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