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today's morning - derived from this morning
the smorning I ate breakfast.
by Iced March 17, 2004
that feeling of disappointment you get when the marshmallow you were roasting got too gooey and fell off the stick and into the fire. Now your smore will take 3 MORE minutes...
Dude 1: "Hey there buddy, you look upset. What's bothering you."
Guy 2: "Nothing. I'm just smorning the loss of the marshmallow I spent 5 minutes trying to get to that perfect gooeyness."
Dude 1: "I am so sorry man..."
by valoo208 September 23, 2010
What everyone says but doesn't notice.

Close cousin to sevening.

Always follows "this".
I woke up with a huge boner this smorning.
by HarvesterOfSorrow October 08, 2008
Sunday morning. Used when you wake up after a big night out and can't even pronounce the day of the week.
I woke up smorning butt naked in Corona.
by codcod June 05, 2011
A festering wound.
"Good smorning everybody!"
"Thanks, asshole"
by Cramm August 25, 2009

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