A. being extremely indecisive, sometimes even so indecisive that you cannot decide whether or not you are indecisive.

B. The word you come up with when you are on a messenger and mean to type the word "smooth"
A. Jonny- hey! wanna go get some icecream or a slurpy?
Mark- i don't know...i could you give me a few hours to decide?
Jonny- man, you are so smopth! forget you...i've leaving.
Mark- *dies*

B. potatoe645: yeah lol that's real smopth
celery564: LMAO! smopth?
Potatoe645: *smooth
celery564: don't cover up your mistakes...besides, smopth is a cool word! i think i'll write it in the dictionary!
potatoe645: you do that
celery564: i will!
by tiadorma the witch October 29, 2006

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