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It is messy, done badly, crappy.
Man that painting is smooshy.
You are hella smooshy.
That is smooshy.
by Mr Jesse May 20, 2006
unbearably cute; adorable
Look at that smooshy little girl with her curly hair and polka dots!
by etoddw January 23, 2010
When a man nuzzles a cat, with the intent of strictly platonic love.
OMG, That smooshy was so good.

OMG, that cat is smooshytastic.

That smooshy was so good, I popped my load.
by Lorenzo St. Dubois December 13, 2009
A randomm blonde dude... Who quite frankly (his name is Smooshie!!!) Is rather horny :P
Smooshies taste a bit of jizz....
Coz i jizzed in ma pants :P
by Bimbo Timbo September 05, 2009