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A word used most commonly for a smoothie which has a large amount of ice cream added to increase thickness levels. The word, when written or typed, is usually in upper case, and may sometimes include an exclamation mark to signify the complexity and greatness of a 'smooshie'.
The words less common uses include:
>A piece of sushi
>A slushie (or slush puppy)
I'm very keen for a SMOOSHIE!
by steinburger January 11, 2011
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A combination between the words "squishy" and "smoosh". Used in context, both "smoosh" and "squishy" can be replaced by "smooshie" to make more concise sentences. Instead of saying "I smooshed you with my squishy boobs," you could say "I smooshied you."
sense = made.
I smooshied you and you liked it.
by Grammar Cracker April 22, 2011
The word smooshie refers to a vagina that has become loose due to overuse. A smooshie hangs low, in some cases down to the subject's knees.
Her smooshie hung low like the branches of a weeping willow.
by eganraC April 06, 2012

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