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An variation of "bone smoker". Nothing more or nothing less. All of the douchebags whose lame ass attempt to be funny or just totally wrong in defining smoking bone are probably themselves "bone smokers". Or if you prefer "smoking bone".
Monica Lewinsky was really into the act of "smoking bone" of the former President William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton.
by stiffy_allan March 16, 2010
Fireman who is overly motivated to extinguish the fire.
When Jones grabbed the nozzle and ran into the flames, I knew he was a real smoking bone.
by Phillip Roshko December 18, 2003
A homosexual act, wordplay on "bone smoker". Primarily related to homosexual firefighters.
Its always a great shift with John, he is really into smoking bone.
by Newman Atwood December 19, 2003
A very determined firefighter who shows exemplary courage in an emergency.
That fireman is a real smoking bone.
by Wanda Jones December 18, 2003
Highly aggressive heterosexual, macho firefighter.
The way the new recruit broke down the door, jumped through the flames and knocked down the fire, I would say he is a real smoking bone.
by Phillip Roshko December 18, 2003
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