The name given to a person who you believe is a professional cock smoker and should be as such addressed as smoker as a mark of respect.
Hey Smoker, yeah you! Get me another bourban and coke
That guy is such a smoker
Piss off ya smoker!
by BOD August 27, 2003
A type of special infected in the Left4Dead franchise. These infected zombies have extremely long tounges that they use to ensnare survivors so that they cannot move and can easily be devoured by other infected.
A smoker has ensnared Ellis
by Jakitup January 20, 2011
A gun, specifically a high-caliber handgun.
When he showed me his smoker, I put the money back.
by Brian Gluckman September 28, 2006
The manliest character in the entire universe of anime and manga. Yes, even manlier than Guts.
A badass marine who fights for justice and keeps the world safe from pirates on a daily basis.

He smokes two cigars at once at all times and seems to be immune to cancer. He's about as ripped as Kenshiro, minus the tiny hips. He also has a badass bike which he fuels with his own power. Who needs gas when you're a power source yourself, eh?

He's the true hero of One Piece, but that's something Oda (the author) doesn't want you to know... yet.
Man, Smoker sure kicks ass. It sucked for him when he got his weapon broken, though.
by M.. .. .. June 05, 2010
An incredibly hot woman.
Most every woman in Bulgaria is a smoker.
by Sean Brian Kirby July 04, 2005
Jefferys mom
Jefferys mom is a smoker
by whatsupchingwang August 01, 2015

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