Smiling my lips off. There can be other variations such as SMFLO = smiling my fucking lips off. Quite frankly not everyone laughs
My friend Stephen sent me a joke in an instant message. Although it was not humorous enough for me to laugh my ass off LMAO, I did SMLO.
by reggaechamp May 08, 2011
Top Definition
abbreviation of the term "suck my left one", usually followed up by an exclamation mark, or a bitchslap if offline. this is to be said when someone makes a ridiculous comment or insults you in a banterous way.
Adam: Alex, I hope you test positive for chlamydia.
Alex: SMLO! *slap* dick fam
by baddamanfo'lyffeerudeboii March 31, 2010
Suck My Left One
can be abreviated to SML Suck My Lefticle.
one: ah, arsenal can SMLO
two: nah they're better than you
by Dreamer_* May 23, 2010
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