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A word that combines sexxy, and delicious.

So it means you are sexy and delicious and someone wants to eat your body. Some people think it is offensive or nasty. But it isn't. It means you have a nice body and as guys say it "The junk fits perfectly in the trunk" which means you have a nice rear end. And two nice, firm melons (also known as breasts)

For a guy, smexxalicious would mean having nice muscles or having a nice buttox. Girls usually refer guys to a "stud"
Justin: Hey, you are so smexxalicious
Madison: Thanks, you are too
Justin: Wanna go to the mall
Madison: Sure as long as I get called smexxalicious again
Justin: You are smexxalicious
Madison: I know :)

Justin has gotten himself a date with his now "girlfriend" Madison
by ILoveJustin<3 June 11, 2011
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