Top Definition
a mix of SEXY and BEAUTIFUL with a cool little 'm' thrown in for fun =D

word created by kina
girl 1:"that new guy is so sexy"
girl 2:"are you kidding? he's beautiful!"
girl 1:"sexy!"
girl 2:"beautiful!"
girl 3:"alright, let's settle it this way: he's SMEXIFUL."
by Kina! February 09, 2008
its basically a word that can be used 2 describe any and everything that you beleive to be WOW. To break it dwn it is basically "sexy", "beautiful" merged together and then the "m" is added because it kinda acts as the word "much".
o wow dat dress ova dere is SMEXIFUL
Hmmm dis chocolate is ooo sooo SMEXIFULLY delicious
by pwincessalicious March 12, 2008
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