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V. To remove the smell of weed by means of masking or ventilation.
My mom will be home any minute, so smellow out the basement because it smells like weed.
by CassetteFM May 07, 2009
Alternative word for ones anus.
Similar to Smell-hole
1. The other night i got bored, so i inserted my finger in my Smellow

2. Jane came over last night with a strap-on and we have some Smellowing fun
by McJamus June 26, 2008
Sober+ Marshmellow=Smellow
These are really mini marshmellows that make you hyper or give you symptoms of being drunk, but they contain no alcohol. Therefore, you are really sober if you eat them, but they give you the feeling of being drunk. Smellows can usually be found with lurtles. The original name is Smelo, of some senior in Becca and Katelyn's latin class, but since we're dealing with marshmellows, the official word is smellow.
I can really go for some smellows in latin class.
by Katie Mc January 01, 2006

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