Similar to meh.
Smeh, same old, same old.
by MoonKnight November 29, 2002
Top Definition
1. Most commonly, an expression of resignation.

2. Occasionally, a random, meaningless utterance.
1. Smeeeeeeeeh. I've got ten fucking pages left on this paper to do before tomorrow.

2. "Smeh!" "'Smeh?' The fuck does that mean?" "Dunno."
by E.I. November 19, 2003
smeh: a rare amphibian/mammal hybrid which dwells in airing cupboards and the outside WC's of Victorian homes. They are likeable creatures that when approached with little caution required will pop out from the spot of comfort and vocally project the playful sound, 'Smeh'.

Smeh: also the sound a smeh makes

"Smeh Smeh"
"Smeh!...... Smeh!"

by Dan Hems February 23, 2008
Wouldnt give a fuck, Dont care, Wouldnt give a rats ass about it
"So did you get into trouble when you were busted wagging?"
"Pfft Smeh"
"Did your parents care it all?"
"Pfft Smeh"
"What about the school?"
by Kahli May 26, 2005
Used when one is bored and cannot be bothered to answer properly. It also shows a sense of unhappiness and one maybe holding a grudge against someone when responding with this.
Guy 1: So how's school?

Guy 2: smeh

Kid 1: I'm sorry for grassing on you yesterday..

Kid 2: ..smeh
by 88nat88 October 13, 2007
Used to answer all questions good or bad, smeh is a universal word, the user can change its meaning by using different tones.
"How are you today?"

"Smeh" (sighed tone)

"SMEH" (happy tone)
by Tanooki 87 August 16, 2013
1. Meh but sadder. Can be interpreted as "sad meh."

2. A simple utterance when you don't know how to respond.
1. Smeh, I got a 10 page essay to write for English

2. Dude A: So my dog got hit by a car...
Dude B: Smehhhh...
by Wuzzly November 30, 2014
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