A moron with no friends or is homosexual. Therefore, their brain(s) is full of or made of smegma.
Bell end: I do it because black people do.
Other person: Your not black.
Bell end: *Looks at skin* Oh yeah!
Other person: Smegma brains.
by :x-y-z: July 22, 2006
Top Definition
Smegma brains, a term used for rather annoying people who are unaturaly red.

The term can also be used for a certain someone who gets there dashes ( - ) and apostrophies ( ' ) confused.

Finaly the term can be referrred to someone who has smegma breath.
"Hi andrew" said dongcan.
"Oh my god your breath stinks , ewwww smegma brains" said andrew.

Dongcan now turns into smegma brains.
by annonomus moose July 17, 2006
Currdled Penis sweat
Damn you can make some fucked up yogurt with smegma brain.
by Smeg the retard September 24, 2008
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