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Smeggypoo a tattood and peirced guy that is most notably known for increasing shoplifting figures by 20% in the year 2005 also known for stealing many licence plates within the oxon area during the three year war.The name Smeggypoo has been stuck to this poor fellow since the summer of 98 when his cousin changed his nickname from egghead to smeghead. Smeggypoo is a keen gamer and on searching the name on google you may see many entries under IGUK, Hunterlan, Youtube and myspace all being places smeggypoo hangs out. Smeg is a term derived from dick cheese and poo is another word for human excriment. so in total smeggypoo is actually dickcheeseshit. Smeggypoo is now a civil servant within the oxfordshire area providing many usful services to his local community. although the legend of smeggypoo will die of the name will always belong to him.
N00b :Wanna play some WiC
Smeggypoo : Nah ill own your ass
by Thomas Gregory October 27, 2007
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