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Smeeky is a wonderful friend I have known for a loooooonnnngg time. He is soo very helpful to everyone he talks to. He has a heart of gold and is soo sweet. He is also a very talented individual who can do things with paintshop pro that I didnt even know was possible.
Smeeky could help with that I bet.
by Mot Studios November 15, 2004
a word I invented in which serves as a languative wildcard when you don't have anything else to say.
1. You are a smeeky boy!
2. Cool smeekies!
3. Too smeeky for me.
4. Let's go smeeky.

by Errrx3 May 20, 2006
The combination of smelly and stinky.
My girlfriend's feet are smeeky.
by Pirateswantoon March 25, 2006