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a word I invented in which serves as a languative wildcard when you don't have anything else to say.
1. You are a smeeky boy!
2. Cool smeekies!
3. Too smeeky for me.
4. Let's go smeeky.

by Errrx3 May 20, 2006
Smeeky is a wonderful friend I have known for a loooooonnnngg time. He is soo very helpful to everyone he talks to. He has a heart of gold and is soo sweet. He is also a very talented individual who can do things with paintshop pro that I didnt even know was possible.
Smeeky could help with that I bet.
by Mot Studios November 15, 2004
The combination of smelly and stinky.
My girlfriend's feet are smeeky.
by Pirateswantoon March 25, 2006