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To smoke or toke Marijuana(Cannibus)
Hey Kyle do you want to go smeak?
by Nikolia Gonzalez November 11, 2006
Having a cigarette because the person you are speaking to is already having one.

(Smoking whilst speaking)
Aarron: Where are Chris and Sam?
Henry: In the Smoking area.
Daryl: Does Sam even smoke?
Henry: No, but whenever he drinks you'll always catching him smeaking with strangers.
by H_Boult July 09, 2014
A blending of the terms smoke and break. A smeak may or may not include the taking or making of a personal phone call. A smeak does not coincide with one's scheduled work-related breaks and therefore can be taken at one's convenience.

This in no way can be confused with a break. Therefore, a smeak can be taken every so often as to inhale as much tobacco as possible.

The smeak excuse can be used when coming in late for work or as an excuse for leaving early.
I'm going to go on a smeak. Don't expect me back too soon and I'll probably take another one when I get back.

I'm not late, I was taking a smeak.
by Non-Smeaker November 15, 2011
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