shake my dick, like smd (shake my head)
michele: ur a butthole

annie: SHAKE MY DICK (smd)
by m3r_mald April 27, 2013
an acronym for Suck My Dick, used in situations where one person is irritated by another, and the annoyed person suggests oral sex as a option they should consider
Shut up dude!! Why dont you SMD.
by Penn361 September 10, 2012
Smd is the acronym for "shake my dick." This term is used in response to people on the internet when they say attempt to sound profound when disagreeing with you but have have nothing to say besides"smh" which is the acronym for "shake my head." This term was coined after being fed up with prepubescent kids online thinking they're the shit.
Little kid - "smh I'm too cool for that"

Robert - "smd you're not fucking cool. Go to school and learn something. THAT'S fucking cool."
by Mr. Tweakers January 14, 2014
Side man duties: an act of obedience to the opposite sex due to infatuation or wanting to be still affiliated to them
Girl: hold my bag for me

Justin: yes madam!!!
Justin's friend: look he is on SMD loooool!!!!!
by young goooooner May 09, 2013
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