tv show resulting from twitter account "Shit My Dad Says"

watching smds before i go to sleep.
by uhmmamberrrrr October 25, 2010
Side man duties: an act of obedience to the opposite sex due to infatuation or wanting to be still affiliated to them
Girl: hold my bag for me

Justin: yes madam!!!
Justin's friend: look he is on SMD loooool!!!!!
by young goooooner May 09, 2013
"SMD" is the perverted equivalent of "Smh." It is the acronym for "shaking my dick." Can be used when in disappointment of someone, preferably out of fun. It can also be used in the context for pure recreational sport, SMD'ing is a game to enjoy with friends. (Not literally, of course...unless you're into that.) Can also be written as "Smd," "S.M.D," or "smd."
"Aww man, I'm gonna bomb this test today..."
"You always were a failure...smd."

(girl taking her clothes off)

(just for random fun)
by littlebrownbro December 13, 2011
Social Media Douchebag
Most of my Twitter followers are just SMD's looking for reciprocal follows.
by bulwark_jrm August 12, 2011
"Your girlfriend is huge"

"SMD Bitch"
by Viperashes slobs knobs March 20, 2010
an acronym for Suck My Dick, used in situations where one person is irritated by another, and the annoyed person suggests oral sex as a option they should consider
Shut up dude!! Why dont you SMD.
by Penn361 September 10, 2012
The opposite of Shake my head smh. Used to show excitement/ pleasure.
We got a trophy!

by Oxfordllama February 21, 2012

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