smc is an acronym for Speed Modeling Challenge, unlike most acronyms, it has no capitalized letters. This is most likely due to its origins in irc, where most messages are written in pure lower-case.

In a speed modeling challenge, a group of graphics artists use a model editor to each create a scene. After this, they use a rendering engine to produce an image from the scene. A winner is chosen by a forum poll, after the voters have seen the entry images. Before an smc starts, the competitors decide on a topic, and a time limit to complete their entry. The goal is to create an image that satisfies the topic while also being showing off the artist's modeling skills, in a limited amount of time.

In addition, there are two variations on smcs, speed animation challenges ("sac"s) and speed material challenges ("s/\/\c"). the "m" in speed material challenge is composed of a forward slash, a backslash, a forward slash, and a backslash, to form a large capital "M". Using "sMc" will most likely result in confusion.

s/\/\cs are identical to smcs, however, a mesh or a scene is provided to all contestants, and each contestant is only responsible for creating a texture(s) that will display on the scene in the final image, the voters then choose a winner based on the quality of the textures.

In an sac, the modelers create a scene, and then animate the scene to produce an animation, which is then voted on. sacs are normally longer than an smc of a comparable topic.

The words "smc" (and "sac" and "s/\/\c") are themselves nouns. The "s" is treated as a vowel in the acronym form but
not the expanded form. Therefore, one says "an smc", not "a smc", and "a speed modeling challenge", not "an speed modeling challenge".

The words "smc" (and "sac" and "s/\/\c") are usable as verbs, "to smc" is to partake in an smc. All three are regular verbs, so one can say that they have "smced", are "sacing", or will "s/\/\c".

At the time of this definition, neither smc, nor sac, nor s/\/\c are used as adjectives or adverbs.
I and John smced last night, the topic was "boat", and the time limit was 45 minutes, so far I'm winning, 6 votes to 4.

Maria is going to sac with Wanda later.

We will have an s/\/\c tomorrow, using my boat entry from last night's smc as our mesh.
by Anonymous78 January 30, 2008
Top Definition
Yet another addition to the never ending amount of annoying internet acronyms, 'smc' means 'suck my cock'.
<xXx_em0-pixie_xXx> ystrdy ma bf dumped me 4 some other girl he met off da intrnt an den 2day ma dad was diagnosd wit HIV an my kitty-cat Spongebob was run ova by a chav in a green Ford Fiesta an i feel so emo an suicidal about it all an i need huggles cos ma life is sooo shit :(

<the_dude> smc
by Phobophile May 14, 2005
Suck my clit/cunt
Dude says, "Will you suck my dick?"
Chick says, "Only if you smc first."
Dude says, "I thought you'd never ask"
by Kaylathatchick February 03, 2011
suck my cock
umm.. would u smc?
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
SMC Means "Suck my clit"
The Boy had SAid "SMD ,Then the gurl had said "SMC" Back
by fabyola March 22, 2008
home of the most beautiful, classiest and most fabulous bitches in the country.
SMC chick: OMG! That Notre Dame girl is fug!
Notre Dame girl: I wish I was a SMC chick :(
by dothehelenkeller December 14, 2008
smc or SMC, an acronym for "Shit My Chair", is an element of internet slang created in response to ROFL, which one really can't be doing while typing. If you see something truly amazing and/or hilarious while sitting at your computer then shitting your chair is the pinnacle of reactions.
Hey - check out this picture of your boss making out with a goat!

(Replies)Dude - smc x 1000000!
by Cryptic IV May 24, 2016
nerds. but not always! some students in SMCS are hot, pretty, athletic, not just nerds. Science Math computer science? more like smart, magnificent, cool, students!
ew SMCS kids are losers, yea not all of them though! theyre smart and funny and good looking
by jenny.parker567 June 15, 2010
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