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a mixture between smart and casual. Not too smart or not too casual.
your going to a party but you dont want to appear too over dressed or too under dressed so you go in smasual clothing
by sophie lawrence April 26, 2005
A mix between someone wearing smart and casual - Often in parties you dont go to over dressed, therfore wearing a smart shirt and maybe jeans is an example of a smasual type of clothing
1. The theme for the party is smasual - Smart Casual

2. Brian didnt want to go out to formal, so he went smasual

by knightley July 25, 2008
The act of being casual yet smart, no suits and ties but no hoodies and cargos either.
Wearing a plain T-Shirt with jeans a jacket.
Or a shirt and a jumper.
by BobTheEvilKingJavies March 24, 2005
Smart but casual.
Oh, what are you wearing tonight?
Well, i'm dressing smasually.
by Tweety-Girl san May 21, 2010
wearing smart/casual clothing you are dressed smasual

dressing in both a formal or informal way
wearing jeans with a smart blouse . you are dressed smasual
by GBGirl May 29, 2009
abbv. Smart-Casual, what ever the fuck that means
Charity Dinner for the Nipples Guild: Smasual Dress only
by ojboyo September 17, 2003
Dressing both smart and casual
I can't decide what to wear, I'll probably just dress smasual.
by usbpsycho January 28, 2015

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